Requests for Proposals

Town-wide Reappraisal

The Town of Duxbury is requesting proposals from qualified, licensed reappraisal contractors to work with the Duxbury Lister to complete a town-wide reappraisal. The Town is seeking a reappraisal for the 2027 Grand List.

Salt Shed

Sealed bids from pre-qualified contractors shall be accepted for construction of the project hereinafter described. Bid opening will occur immediately after the bid submittal deadline. The time of receiving and opening bids may be postponed due to emergencies or unforeseen conditions.

Bridge 37 Project

The Town of Duxbury, VT is requesting proposals for a contractor to develop design plans and complete repair work on Bridge #37 on Town Highway #12 (class 3), Camels Hump Rd over Ridley Brook in Duxbury, VT. The Town intends to select one contractor for this design build project to be completed by November 1, 2023.

Scope of Work: The Town of Duxbury has entered an agreement with the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTRANs) to develop a project. The contractor will be responsible to develop plans with PE approval and verify and obtain any required permits. Upon completion, the town will receive a copy of any documents relevant to the design, permitting and construction of this project. The following repairs need to be made based on the VTrans bridge inspection report and recommendations made by VTrans District 6 Office: Repair concrete in scaled/abraded areas in abutments and wingwalls. Place large stone fill in scour holes, generally on the north bank of the river at and around the abutment. Repair the concrete bridge deck overhang on the downstream side. Replace bridge rail post anchor bolts, replace or reset 3 or 4 approach posts. Replace approach rail with terminal section of G1-D still taper/flare in accordance with VTrans standards. All aspects of project development, from developing a purpose and need statement to constructing the project, must conform to federal and state regulations. Please refer to VTRANS bridge inspection report for additional details see the VTrans website. The project will be coordinated with nearby residents and construction work on Scrabble Hill Rd to minimize inconvenience.

Responses: interested contractors should submit the following:

Period of Performance: work must be completed no later than November 1, 2023.

Funding Source: The work is being funded by a VTrans Municipal Highway Grant and local funds. It is anticipated the VTrans grant will account for 80% of the entire project cost. The Town of Duxbury will be responsible for the remaining 20% of the project cost. The amount available for contractor expense is capped at $90,000.

Insurance Requirements: interested contractors must submit a copy of a certificate of insurance, indicating compliance with the following: 

The contractor shall obtain and keep insurance coverage during the full term of the contract. Upon the Town’s acceptance of the contractor’s proposal, a certificate of insurance shall be provided to the Town before any work is performed. Contractor’s policy should include the Town of Duxbury as an additionally insured Party.

Questions: Any technical questions can be directed to Stephanie Magnan, Selectboard Assistant, at (802) 793-3484 

Any questions regarding bid submission should be directed to Maureen Harvey, Town Clerk, at

Submissions/Contact Information:

Interested contractors must submit a copy of their proposal via email or hard copy to the name and address indicated below prior to 3:30 PM on March 15, 2023

Proposals may be forwarded to:

Maureen Harvey, Duxbury Town Clerk

Town of Duxbury

5421 VT Route 100

Duxbury, VT 05676

Tel (802) 244-6660


Evaluation/Selection: Submitted proposals will be evaluated based upon the contractor’s experience, background, and ability to perform the requested services at an affordable price. Cost will not be the sole determining factor in awarding the contract. The Town of Duxbury reserves the right to reject any proposal that does not meet the criteria as specified in this RFP, including those received after the deadline, or proposals which are incomplete. The Town also reserves the right to seek clarification from any contractor that submits a proposal. Proposals that are submitted will be reviewed and one selected to move forward during the March 27, 2023 meeting of the Duxbury Selectboard. The Selectboard meeting will begin at 6:30 PM and will be open to the public and accessible by Zoom.