Requests for Proposals

Scrabble Hill Road Project

INVITATION TO BID Duxbury STP MM19(9) Sealed bids from pre-qualified contractors shall be accepted until 3:30 pm, prevailing time on Thursday January 12, 2023, at Town of Duxbury Town Clerk's office for construction of the project hereinafter described. Bid opening will occur immediately after the bid submittal deadline. The time of receiving and opening bids may be postponed due to emergencies or unforeseen conditions. Sealed BIDS shall be marked in the lower left hand corner: Bid Documents: Duxbury STP MM19(9). Each BID must be accompanied by a certified check payable to the Town of Duxbury for five percent (5%) of the total amount of the BID. A BID bond may be used in lieu of a certified check. The Town Clerk's office is only open Monday - Thursday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Please call (802) 244-6660 to inquire about office hours or to schedule an appointment.

PREQUALIFICATION OF CONTRACTORS: All bidders on this project shall be on the Agency of Transportation’s prequalified list under the category listed below or shall have submitted a complete prequalification application to the Agency of Transportation, Contract Administration, a minimum of 10 working days prior to the bid opening. For information contact Jon Winter at (802) 622-1267. All bidders shall be on the current VTRANS Contract Administration pre-qualified list “Contractors List of Roads and Highway Construction Category”.

LOCATION: Beginning at the intersection of Camel’s Hump Road and Scrabble Hill Road, runs northeast along Scrabble Hill Road to the intersection with Mountain View Road.

TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: Work to be performed under this project includes: Slope stabilization, drainage, roadway regrading, and other related highway items.

CONTRACT COMPLETION DATE: The Contract shall be completed on or before October 15th, 2023.

OBTAINING PLANS: Electronic Plans and bid documents may be obtained by contacting Dan Peck, Municipal Project Manager via email at Plans and bid documents may also be viewed at the Duxbury Town Office, 5421 VT Route 100, Duxbury, VT 05676. The Municipal Project Manager shall keep and maintain a list of all the plan holders for addendum distribution.